Press Start

How do we begin? My friend/associate (Suraj) and myself (Cresendo) had spoken in depth for a while about the gaming and music culture that seemed to be blooming right in our own backyard. Suraj, having experience with plenty of other successful music ventures, suggested to me the idea of just starting it ourselves.

I jumped on it. Having just visited PAX South in San Antonio and seeing it first hand, how many people are here that want this, I couldn't say no. With his experience and my passion, we were certain we could create something. ...and we have.

RE:Play is in every way, a celebration of gaming, and the music, and the art it inspires. I have always loved games. Always will. The idea of creating a living, breathing world for me to dominate and perform ninja-like jumps, and drive deadly courses, and save the princess, even if I was in the wrong castle, out of 1's and 0's is awe-inspiring to me. From nothing to everything. That is why we created this. To share that passion with everyone.

As far as what it is... Well we are still nailing down some things so more info is coming very soon. What is coming is exciting, and I can't wait to share it with you. We also plan on this constantly evolving. Growing into bigger and better things as we produce more events. This is not a one time thing and we have big plans for the future. We will most certainly learn as we grow. So as we start this journey, please join us. Take a seat and watch while we show you the best things that are about to come...



Posted on June 19, 2015 .