A Winner is You!

Greetings to all my friends, nerds, geeks, gamers, and everyone in between. September 19th has come and gone and it flew by like nothing! It was a great night, with great performances, and ton of gaming. We had lots of cosplayers show up, that was amazing! We gave away a lot of prizes, and I still have some left over! And I met a ton of people. All of which were exceedingly nice to me! Thank you guys for making it a great night out!

I can not express how much of a fan I am to all of this. It is why we put it together! We tried to create something that we, as fans, would love to go to. I think we succeeded. So much so, that we are already making plans for the next one. We hit a couple bumps and have learned a lot from this event. We will be taking what we learned to the next RE:Play. It will be even better.

Let me take a second to thank Mega Ran, Adam WarRock, The Lazybit Collective, Squincy Jones, and Flcon Fcker for their contributions. We had a blast and they were all amazing to work with! We very much look forward to seeing them again!

A couple quick things before I sign off for a couple weeks to go out of town: I will be at PAX South and Playstation Experience, so expect updates from both. I will only be there as a fan and not in any business capacity...not yet anyways. I still have quite a few prizes left to give away and I will probably do these randomly through our social media. Please keep an eye out for rare and autographed Brave Wave Productions CD's, more keys to free albums, and even more Gearbox Software swag bags! 

Affectionately Yours,


Posted on September 28, 2015 .