Loot Chests

We are only 2 weeks away from our amazing July 2nd show! With lots of great performances from Danimal Cannon, Bit Shifter, Dual Core, and so much more, we also have tons of prizes to give away! Like a ton! So much that I had to make a blog for it. 

The kind people from Supergiant Games, you may know them from a couple of little games like Transistor, or Bastion, sent us some amazing good loot for you guys! To start, they gave us 2 signed Transistor Vinyl soundtracks! One from Ashley Barrett, the other from Darren Korb. We also have a signed 3D figure of Red herself! On top of that there are patches, handkerchiefs, and quite a few Steam codes for Transistor and Bastion too! Plenty of other surprises for attendees too! 

iam8bit sent us some more vinyl, like an FTL soundtrack, Monument Valley, a nice Raz plush, and more! There are tons more from other people too, along with some merchandise from Brave Wave Productions, who will have the Street Fighter II soundtrack on hand! Really too much to even list, but I think it's worth noting that plenty of people will get some nice stuff just for coming out. 

There will be plenty of indie games from Supergiant Games, Tiny Build, one that I am particularly excited about, Starr Mazer: DSP, and many more! We are excited about being able to bring out these games, and some of the people behind them to come out and not just participate, but enjoy the show! 

I hope this is as exciting for you as it us for us. The support we are getting from developers and gaming companies is a huge push to keep us doing what we do. But we need people to keep coming out so we can keep doing these events. Houston is a great city with huge diversity, and we want them all here to celebrate what we love about games! Please tell your friends, share, spread the word!


Here is a list of web sites from games you can expect to play:











July 2nd @ Fitzgeralds

All ages

4pm - 2am

15 advance tickets


Posted on June 12, 2016 .