There was just no way around it. Saturday, July 2nd was going to be utterly destroyed. There was no chance. We. Killed. It. 

For those that were there, it was an amazing night! Everything ran like butter and was smooth as silk. Some great things happened and it was hands down the best chiptune show Houston has ever seen! Before I get to ahead of myself, there are a ton of people to thank for making the night as great as it was:

Danimal Cannon was a beast live and we couldn't have ended the night any better. It was incredible to see Bit Shifter performing live in Houston. As good as his albums are, live was astonishingly better. Dual Core is always so much fun to see live and he always knows how to work up the crowd. We were also were very happy to see SIXIXIX on hand performing original music and music from the upcoming Radical Rebels game! Then of course we have our resident Lazybit Collective on hand providing visuals and even more music from Ten Pixels Tall, Float, Broken Satellite, and Overcrash. So. Much. Music. 

We started the day with Squincy Jones laying down the soundtrack to our gaming expo and cosplay contests downstairs. We had amazing cosplayers that came out, in particular the Zelda cosplay (pics to come). Lots of Borderlands cosplay, all of them crazy good! I've listed all the games we had out before. A couple of people I definitely want to give thanks to is Invisible Collective for letting us demo Battlesloths, from Austin, and Viktor for some video of UnDungeon

EXTRA special thanks to Don and Kaz of Team Starr Mazer: DSP for coming all the way down from Seattle to demo their game for us! Not only is that game crazy beautiful and fun to play, but those guys are amazingly nice and love what they do. They show it with everything they do. Those guys made RE:Play feel like a real gaming expo. I can not say enough nice things about them and what they are doing and creating. 

There were plenty of other games and contests that went on, but you will have to wait for the next post for all the pretty pics of the evening. We put A LOT into this show and we got a lot out. I love doing RE:Play and it was created because it was something we wanted in Houston that just wasn't available here. This show proved that it is definitely wanted. It makes me proud to know that there is interest from more than just me and my friends. There is already talks of what to do next, and it's very exciting! 

Thank you guys for all the support and the kind words about the show. 


Posted on July 10, 2016 .