XPO '17

We are insanely excited to be able to announce that we have a new show coming in just a couple short months! ESPECIALLY since we have Akira Yamaoka headlining the show! This will be his 1st time in Houston, TX and possibly his only US show, so it is a huge honor and privilege to host him for his 1st Houston performance!

We also have Danimal Cannon returning, because why wouldn't we after the performance from last year!? New to the list is Ben Prunty, who did the amazing soundtrack to FTL. He may not want you to know this, but he will work for you for BBQ. Of course, this wouldn't be a show without our friends from Lazybit Collective. In particular, Ten Pixels Tall (who did the amazing music for our video), Float, and possibly some surprises...

Since half the show is about the games themselves, we will have Imagos Studios returning with Starr Mazer: DSP, because I love that game, even though I can't get very far in it, but also, Don Thacker is an amazing gentleman and a spectacular showman! His presence is always welcomed at RE:Play! Supergiant Games will be returning as well, and we are happy to add Playtonic, Thunder Lotus with their AMAZING new game Sundered, King Crow Studios, and many more that will be joining us for a lot more indie games to demo! We will also have plenty of classic gaming stations for all the retro fans!

We still strive to create the best gaming shows we would want to go to, and I believe that they are getting better and better. I can not wait to share that with you. This will be our largest show by far, and we are super excited about it. More prizes, ticket giveaways, meet and greets, so much more!

Swing by our FB/IG/Twitter pages and share your excitement. Let people know you are coming! Help us celebrate a new kind of gaming expo, by being there


Posted on April 14, 2017 .